Support Local, Buy Local, Discover Maroondah.

Our Mission

To support and promote all things Maroondah.

It is as easy as one-two-three to be involved.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to be a part of this new initiative:

  1. Go to our website and express an interest to be a part of this initiative.  There are several ways you can get involved as follows:
    1. Be a news contributor.  Do you think you have a worthy story to share?  Why not drop us a line and we will decide whether or not to place the story in the next month’s edition of Find Maroondah.
    2. Become a columnist.  Are you passionate about a topic?  Would you like to write a column each month about that topic?  We are looking for columnists who would love to share their thoughts and ideas about a topic they love.  Keep in mind that this is a family-friendly paper and so each article will be vetted to make sure it meets our family-friendly standards.
    3. Sports Club members.  We want someone in your club to keep us up to date with what is happening each month.  Who won?  Who lost?
    4. Not-For-Profit committee representative.  Let us know what events your NFP is holding in the coming month/s.  We will allow you to advertise for FREE the up and coming event.
    5. Employers looking for new staff.  We will allow you to advertise for FREE.  We want to support employment growth.
    6. Are you looking for work?  Advertise yourself and let others know what work you are looking for.  We want to help you get work.
    7. School groups.  We are looking for a group of teens who want to write for teens.  Ideally, we would like one teenager from each High School in the Maroondah area to contribute articles throughout the year.
  2. “Like” and follow us on our Facebook page (@findmaroondah).
  3. Money.  Who are we kidding?  We need money to keep this thing alive.  We will be approaching businesses to ask them to pay for advertising.
    1. Are you a Real Estate Agent?  Soon we will be inviting each Real Estate agent to secure their position in the Real Estate section of the Find Maroondah.
    2. Are you a Real Estate Representative?  Let people know who you are.
    3. Which business will pay for exclusivity?  That is right!  We will allow businesses to pay a little extra to keep their competitors from advertising in Find Maroondah.

How we make money?

Through advertising and sponsorship.  We cannot do this without support from our sponsors and those who take up paid advertising positions throughout the online paper.  Whilst a lot of sections are Free to advertising e.g. Employment Section, Not-For-Profit Section, Sports Section, and so on, we still need to cover our costs.  We hope by giving a lot away you alot of Free advertising to those who can least afford it, that other businesses e.g. Real Estate, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, the Local Council, will get behind this initiative and support us in return.

What will you get if you support us?

We will provide the following opportunities:

  1. Advertise through out the paper and/or under the Find Pages section
  2. Become a columnist and write about something of interest related to your profession/industry
  3. Gain exposure via our Facebook page e.g. notices and videos
  4. Be recognised as a sponsor in the online paper
  5. Recognition that your business does actually care about your Local community.  For each business that supports The Find Maroondah, you will receive a sticker to place on your entrance door that says ‘Find Maroondah: We Support Local’.  That way the locals will know who does support our Maroondah Shire.